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We provide valuable and defensible Trust & Safety Services for the benefit of users, media platforms, advertisers, regulators and the public good.



  • Integrity

    Honesty, fairness and respect is the foundation of how we get things done and how we treat everyone we work with. We celebrate diversity.

  • Commitment

    We believe in the opportunity for Trust Lab to change the world for the better. We are passionate about our mission, a safer internet for everyone especially its most vulnerable users.

  • Ambition

    Internet safety is a big and complex problem that matters to everyone. We pursue bold and unconventional paths that bring meaningful and lasting change to society.

  • Fun

    Working at Trust Lab should be a positive and energizing experience for everyone. We strive to make working here fun and meaningful.



Benji is President – Products and Co-Founder of Trust Lab.  Growing up in rural Canada, he developed strategies for staying safe from rattlesnakes and assorted other wild animals from early on. For the past 10 years, Benji has made a name for himself as a key leader and innovator in industry leading Trust & Safety organizations. He led Youtube’s Trust & Safety and Scaled Abuse teams, where he launched Trusted Flagger, video matching for anti-abuse, and the industry’s first technologies to address scaled inauthentic behavior/information manipulation. He was responsible for TikTok’s Trust & Safety strategy and community development. When he is not whipping Trust Lab’s products into shape or chasing after his baby daughter you may find boarding down a nearby mountain, as long as there is snow on it. Benji has a Bachelor of International Business from Carleton and an MBA from Stanford.

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Daniel is an Engineer and member of Technical Staff at Trust Lab. Growing up just outside of Washington DC he has learned to recognize political misinformation. As a Trust & Safety Engineer at Facebook and Pinterest for a number of years he developed and implemented industry leading abuse protection and legal compliance technologies. He has built and maintained NCMEC reporting and compliance at both companies as well as worked on cutting edge unsafe video detection algorithms. At Pinterest, he was one of the founding members of their Trust & Safety engineering team and has helped build large scale infrastructure, data and machine learning pipelines for unsafe content detection from the ground up. When not fighting abuse, you can find him social distancing in Pokemon Go. Daniel received his B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Maryland.

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Sailaja is a Policy and Operations Analyst with deep experience as an anti-abuse analyst, quality specialist, and vendor manager. She worked for many years on Google’s Websearch Quality Team as an analyst and helped transform that team from a manual content moderation operation to an automation and data analysis centric scaled abuse team. As a quality specialist for the Scaled Services Team, she extensively managed 3rd party vendor operations with a particular focus on quality and execution. Having been in the company of writers for years, journalists to filmmakers, she values honesty in storytelling. In her free time, she enjoys helping her writer friends, brainstorm ideas for movie screenplays. Sailaja has a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the Indira Gandhi National Open University and a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology from Andhra University.

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Shankar is the CTO and Co-Founder of Trust Lab. Growing up in southern India around his beloved grandmother, who never trusted any quoted price, he learned to recognize disinformation early on. Most recently he was a Distinguished Engineer at Google, leading the team responsible for Brand Safety and Suitability on Youtube, helping the team successfully navigate Youtube’s monetization crisis in 2017.  Prior to that, he worked on Google’s Ad systems, conceiving of and launching multi-billion dollar products that cut across Search, Youtube, Display and GMail ads.   His love for thought experiments made him practice social distancing even before COVID, but he balances that with family adventures, even dreaming of safely venturing beyond the front yard one day. He received his B.S. (B. Tech.) from IIT Madras and PhD from Stanford.

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Tom is the CEO and Co-Founder of Trust Lab. Growing up in a baroque city in the southeastern corner of Germany Tom learnt who to trust during extensive hitchhiking trips through Europe. Previously Tom was the VP of Trust & Safety at Google for 10 years where he built the global team through all stages of growth into an industry leading user protection and abuse fighting organization. Tom’s portfolio included content safety, privacy and security protections for most of Google’s products including websearch, ads, payments, accounts, Gmail, and cloud. As the company’s most senior trust & safety executive he set the company strategy and presented to the board.   Tom volunteers with a number of civic organizations and is the co-founder of the “Fishbowl Challenge’. Tom is a pilot and convinced his three kids to fly with him at least once. An Industrial Engineer by training he got his M.S. at the University of Technology Dresden and MBA from Stanford. 

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  • Karishma is a Trust & Safety expert with deep experience combatting online harms.  She has developed products to monitor and analyze mis- and disinformation and partnered with stakeholders across governments, tech, and academia to counter radicalization and financial fraud. She received her Master’s (MPhil) in International Relations from the University of Oxford and B.A. in Government and Religion from Harvard University. When she is not working, she is either traveling the world, learning about different cultures, cuisines, and dances, or planning her next adventure.

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  • Peter is Trust & Safety Policy & Compliance Lead at Trust Lab. Originally from a small medieval town in Slovakia, Peter is a true citizen of Europe. He received his Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Political Science and International Law in the United Kingdom and spent six years progressively building his career in Trust&Safety at YouTube in Dublin. Peter worked on some cutting-edge policy and legal projects, such as NetzDG Hate speech law. He also launched two major operations in India and Germany and worked as Head of Legal and Compliance for an exciting start-up in Hamburg. He loves travelling, hiking & skiing and there is no telling where Peter will live next.

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  • As a Data Scientist Sophia combines human insights, labels and third party data to describe and predict online abuse trends at scale. Growing up just outside of a national park, her love for the outdoors translated to a passion for the life sciences and interest in using data to better understand and protect our natural world. As a student in Biology and Computer Science at Stanford she applies her experimental and analytical skills towards data-oriented problem-solving. In her free time, you can find her on the ski slopes or engrossed in a new baking or art project.

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  • Xiaolin is a Computational Social Scientist with a focus on networks and social media, in particular the internet’s role in couple relationships, scholarly collaboration, and social movement. Her research examines toxic speech among Wikipedia editors. Xiaolin received her B.A. (Hons) in Sociology and Mathematics from the University of Toronto and M.A. in Statistics from Harvard University. She is currently pursuing her PhD degree in Sociology at Harvard University. With her passion for data and analysis, it’s no surprise she has named her cat Monte Carlo, after the simulation method.

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