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The Simplest Solution 
DSA Compliance

Compliance with the Digital Services Act in 

hours, not weeks.

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Using the World's Abuse for Good​

Trust Graph™ maps abuse networks into quantifiable insights using our proprietary AI models. 

Measurement of Slovakian hate speech? Check. Proactive identification of Indian disinformation networks? Double check.


TrustLab can measure and help mitigate any high harm issue, on any platform, anywhere in the world. 

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TrustLab provides out-of-the box future-proof regulatory compliance for the powered by AI & leading industry experts.

Ensure your platform is compliant with:

  • EU Digital Services Act (DSA)

  • UK Online Safety Bill

  • Australian Online Safety Act

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Cut through the noise to find and mitigate the harm that matters - no matter where it is online

  • What is TrustLab?
    TrustLab is a fast-growing, VC-backed startup, founded by ex-Google, TikTok and Reddit executives determined to use software engineering, ML, and data science to tackle these challenges and make the internet healthier and safer for everyone. We have locations across Germany, the UK, the US, and Singapore with a globally distributed team.
  • How do I get in touch with you?
    Feel free to shoot us a note at!
  • What is the Digital Services Act?
    The Digital Services Act (DSA) is legislation by the European Commission aimed at regulating a variety of digital services within the European Union (EU). The DSA is part of a broader package of EU regulations called the Digital Services Act Package, which also includes the Digital Markets Act (DMA). These acts seek to address various challenges associated with the digital economy, such as the dominance of large online platforms, online misinformation, and harmful content. Really at it's heart, the DSA establishes a regulatory framework for the liability of online platforms for the content they host and enforces obligations for platforms to take measures to address illegal content, such as hate speech, terrorist content, and counterfeit goods. The act emphasizes transparency in content moderation processes and provides mechanisms for user appeals in case of content removal or account suspension. Every online platform is required to establish a direct and efficient single point of contact for users to communicate electronically. You can read more about the DSA here.
  • How do I know if my company is subject to the Digital Services Act?
    There are a couple of key questions to ask which are: 1. Does my platform host any user-generated content such as images, text, video, or audio? 2. Does my platform allow for users to interact and share messages or other types of content? 3. Do I have any users in the Euopean Union? If you answered yes to either 1 or 2 and yes to 3, you are likely subject to the DSA. From there, the DSA introduces a classification system to categorize digital “intermediary services” based on their size and impact. Online platforms are divided into three categories: (a) Very Large Online Platforms or Search Engines (VLOPs; VLOSEs), (b) Online platforms (LPs), (c) Intermediary services, and (d) Web hosting services. The obligations and requirements for each category differ based on their size and role in the digital ecosystem which you can read about here.
  • What are the risks of non-compliance with the Digital Services Act?
    Non-compliance could be a major issue and warrants a real risk evaluation done by your legal and operations teams. The DSA sets maximum statutory caps which are up to 6% of your company's global revenue. And the maximum fine for knowingly or negligently submitting incorrect, incomplete or misleading information in response to an information request is up to 1% of your global revenue.
  • What is required for to be compliant with the Digital Services Act?
    Quite a lot! Your platform will need to invest in technology, policy, and operations tools and processes to effectively handle DSA compliance. This article covers each of those areas to help you understand how to achieve and maintain compliance with the DSA.
  • How does TrustLab’s compliance software work?
    TrustLab's Compliance platform is purpose-built for the Digital Services Act, UK Online Safety bill, and more. Simply plug TrustLab into your existing complaint form and send us those issues via API or email. We will use our proprietary AI models to understand the complaint and classify it into the mandated areas of content illegality, and store all of the data related to the complaint to leverage in the required Transparency Reporting. TrustLab will handle all the user communications between content creators and flaggers via Statement of Reasons reports as well as appeals. We then will pass back a recommendation to you to take action, such as removing the content. If our AI model determines a piece of content should receive a review from a human, our team of experts will review it manually or we can send it back to your team for manual review. Using our technology, we will seamlessly receive, triage, classify, and report on any content on your platform that may violate the DSA.
  • Will TrustLab’s compliance product make my company fully compliant with the Digital Services Act (DSA)?
    TrustLab's compliance product will help your company take significant steps towards compliance with the Digital Service Act, but at the end of the day, it is the platform's responsibility to remove illegal content. Working with our team of professionals will help ensure you're ready for the DSA's initial launch in 2023 and beyond.
  • How does TrustLab ensure continued compliance with changing regulatory requirements?
    Trust Lab leverages our team of legal and policy professionals to regularly assess and audit new regulations so that you don't have to. Trust Lab maintains a comprehensive, constantly-updated list of policies to ensure global compliance and will update our platform accordingly.
  • Does Trust Lab’s solution cover only the Digital Services Act (DSA) or also other online safety regulations?
    TrustLab's solution covers the DSA, compatible legislation such as NetzDG, the UK Online Safety Bill, Australian Online Safety Act, and support for custom policy classification.
  • What are the key features of your Compliance software?
    TrustLab handles your compliance end-to-end. Everything from user complaints, notice and action, appeals, Statement of Reasons, Transparency Reports, case logging and search, and more. Learn more about our Compliance Platform here!
  • How is Trust Lab’s compliance product different from other Digital Services Act Compliance software?
    TrustLab integrates with the systems you already have in place. Already use Zendesk or Salesforce for your support, operations, and Trust & Safety teams? All good - just integrate TrustLab into your user complaints form and we'll receive those complaints via API or email, and pass you back all the data related to those complaints via API and our dashboard. Pull them back into your Zendesk instance and you're good to go. No need to migrate your entire stack!
  • What regions and languages do you support?
    We're a global company by nature but specifically for the Digital Services Act we support all 27 member states in the EU with 24 official languages. Note that the DSA is applicable to any platform with users in the EU, regardless of it is based in the EU or not.
  • Do Trust Lab's transparency reports fulfill my regulatory reporting requirements?
    Yes, TrustLab has carefully crafted our Transparency Reports to ensure compliance with the Digital Services Act.
  • What other Compliance analytics and reporting features do you provide?
    The TrustLab Compliance platform is your mission control center. You will see headline KPIs at a glance such as time-to-action, SLAs, accuracy, manual case volume reduction, appeal overturn rates, content complaints by type, content complaints by country, and more. See all the features of our Compliance Platform here!
  • How many tickets & Digital Services Act complaints can TrustLab handle for my company?
    TrustLab is a highly-scalable platform. There's are no limitations to how many complaints and cases we can handle.
  • What does it cost?
    The TrustLab Compliance Platform is a SaaS subscription, based on the number of cases, or user complaints, that TrustLab needs to process. We have options for full automation, or automation with humans-in-the-loop for manual review. Please contact us at to set up a demo and discuss pricing.
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