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Our products are built to counter harm and protect speech across any platform, language, abuse type, and media


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Online Safety Analytics

Content safety risk evaluations, threat testing, and trend monitoring - on-platform and cross-industry

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High-Harm Content and High-Risk Actor Detection

Protecting user experience, brand, and revenue at scale through providing scores and labels for harmful content and actors

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Compliance and Trust & Safety Services

Manage regulatory requirements, avoid fines and scrutiny, enforce industry standards, and receive 3rd party certifications

We're trusted by the world's largest companies, governments, and universities to keep the internet safe



University of Michigan




European Commission

5 of 10 largest global social media





App stores,

news aggregators and more


Online Safety Analytics

Our trends dashboard provides insight into harmful content and actors on platform and across the industry 

  • Real-time content safety risk measurement and evaluation

  • Monitor trends and gaps on single platforms and across the industry

  • Segment data by language, geography, topic themes, account and more

  • Set alerts to be notified asap when new threats or unexpected behavior happens

Online Safety Analytics

High-Harm Content + High-Risk Actor Detection

Trust Lab's proprietary technology, Trust Graph, uses cross-platform open web data and cutting edge ML classifiers to detect threats before harm happens

  • High-Harm Content Detection

    • Misinformation, toxic speech, and other high-harm verticals

    • Scalable across all major languages and content formats

    • Accessible via direct API integration or operations tools

Trust Lab's Misinformation Detection Suite

  • High-Risk Actor Detection

    • Detecting high-risk actors to prevent real-world harm

    • Industry-leading privacy standards

    • GDPR, CCPA, and Terms of Service Compliant

Trust Lab's High-Risk Actor Detection Technology


Compliance and Trust & Safety Services

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Our platform helps organizations prove compliance with major regulations and helps governments monitor and enforce online safety legislation

  • Central platform for measuring and monitoring key compliance areas over time across jurisdictions and topics

  • Supplementary services to help identify and remediate compliance and Trust & Safety issues

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