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TrustLab Compliance

Online regulation is coming  here. 

How will you stay compliant?


TrustLab offers an end-to-end online safety compliance management solution that fits right into your tech stack.


The simplest solution for DSA Compliance.

Up and running in hours, not weeks.

Effortless end-to-end online safety compliance at a fraction of the costs.

TrustLab's Compliance Platform

Your Command Center for Compliance Excellence


Truslab Compliance Offers Your Team:

One simple blip redirects traffic to a 

whole world of compliance features.

10+ languages, white-labeling, policy playbooks 

covering 1000s of local laws - ready to go.

We've incorporated over 1000 local laws for proactive detection - the most cost-effective solution you'll find.

Auto-generate transparency reports, a massive data + legal + policy undertaking

All wrapped up in a user-friendly portal. So you can

view and update any customer-facing decisions.

Not just a dashboard. An end-to-end solution to online safety compliance.

Your Three Options for Compliance:


Build it

Build large eng, policy, legal, and operations teams to handle scale in many EU languages, 24x7x365. 

This will cost up to millions of dollars per year.


Get 3P Tool

Change all your tooling to a Third-party tool that will require new processes and upskilling your team. 

Still requires legal and policy in-house + you'll stop using internal tooling.



Trust our cutting-edge AI tech and deep policy expertise that integrates with your internal tooling.

Achieve and maintain compliance at a fraction of the time and costs.

If you're not DSA compliant, you can get fines of up to 6% of revenue.

What you need to do under the DSA:


Set up specific protocols for the platform to communicate with content creators + flaggers.

Recognize that certain content is now illegal in the EU.

Allow easy flagging for users PLUS a separate mechanism for “Trusted Flaggers.”

Timely action to decide if content should be removed PLUS comms on your decision.

Annual or quarterly reports sent to regulators detailing all of the reports, actions, and types of content actioned, by market, by language.


Get the full DSA checklist

for Google Sheets! 

and 30+ more items to comply with!

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Digital Services Act 
Resource Hub

We've curated essential tools and resources for easy compliance with the Digital Services Act (DSA) by the February 17, 2024 deadline.


Discover the strategies and insights needed

for DSA compliance, all in one place.

Future-proof your regulatory compliance today

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