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We built the solutions and led the Trust & Safety teams at the world's largest platforms.

Tom Siegel
Tom Siegel
Co-Founder & CEO

Tom founded and scaled Google’s first Trust & Safety team in the early 2000’s.

For over a decade, he developed it into a top-tier organization dedicated to combating abuse
and safeguarding the privacy
and security of Google's
4 billion users.

Convinced that the industry required an external solution for its most complex Trust & Safety issues, Tom founded TrustLab
in 2020.

Shankar Ponnekanti
Shankar Ponnekanti
Co-Founder & CTO

Shankar led the team responsible for Brand Safety and Suitability on YouTube, helping the team successfully navigate YouTube’s monetization crisis in 2017.

As our Co-Founder & CTO, Shankar leads the technology strategy to achieve TrustLab's vision of a healthy and safe internet.

Benji Loney
Benji Loney
Co-Founder & CPO

Benji built and led YouTube and TikTok's Trust & Safety teams through company-defining crisis including the rise of ISIS and minor sexualization. He also led technical strategy and planning for Reddit, including internationalization and Covid response.

As CPO, Benji is devoted to crafting solutions to technology's roughest societal challenges.

Our Values

Our team is focused on creating the technology and partnerships to achieve our vision of a healthy and safe internet, with empowered users and trusted platforms.



We are one team, and we prize collaboration and diversity.


Risk Taking

We take risks and move fast, and sometimes we fail.


User Focus

We deliver outstanding value to our clients and delight them with every interaction.



We build products for massive scale to have a big impact on users all over the globe.


Treat with Respect

We are principled, don’t compromise integrity, and treat each other with respect. 

Hear From Our Clients

"TrustLab has become an indispensable partner in ensuring our platform's safety, providing specific risk signals tailored to our unique needs. Their continuous optimization and deep understanding enable our teams to effectively address safety concerns. It’s a divide and conquer relationship which is key to the safety of our platform." 

– Program Manager @ Global Online Travel Marketplace

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