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Get the unparalleled judgment of expert content moderators with the unmatched efficiency gains from powerful AI.

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It’s time for smarter content moderation.

Online safety threats are growing at a galloping pace, putting businesses and users at risk. 

Online platforms looking for safety solutions are struggling to find the balance between Human Moderation and Automation. 

The result? 

Overpaying for human moderation and dealing with complex automation that rarely reaches its full potential. 

It’s time for a smarter solution. 

ModerateAI combines the unparalleled judgment of human moderators with the unmatched efficiency gains from powerful AI for a smarter content moderation solution.

With TrustLab, you can...

Enhance User Experience

A safer online environment = happier users. Leading to more engagement, loyalty, and user growth.

Foster Advertiser Confidence

A brand-safe experience attracts advertisers, which means more money and long-term partnerships.

Protect Brand Reputation

Avoid PR issues before they become nightmares by proactively addressing harmful content.

Focus on What Matters

Leave the nuts and bolts of content moderation to us so you can focus on creating value.

The Trusted Name in Online Safety

Protecting 5 of the top 10 global social media platforms

Official Partner for EU & US disinformation practices, content regulation, & trend analysis

Protecting leading app stores and news aggregators

Hear from our customers

"TrustLab has become an indispensable partner in ensuring our platform's safety, providing specific risk signals tailored to our unique needs. Their continuous optimization and deep understanding enable our teams to effectively address safety concerns. It’s a divide and conquer relationship which is key to the safety of our platform." 

– Program Manager @ Global Online Travel Marketplace

30+ Years of Combined Trust & Safety Experience

“We’re living in the era of harmful content and misinformation. Individuals and organizations with malicious intent now have access to an unprecedented number of tools for content creation, and thousands of online spaces where this content gets shared.

Our mission is to make the internet a safer place, by empowering businesses, governments and individuals with the right tools and knowledge to create a safer online environment, for all.” 

– Tom Siegel, CEO & Co-Founder of TrustLab

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