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Digital Services Act Compliance Audit

Digital Services Act Compliance Audit

What's in the Audit?

Our team of policy experts will pre-vet your platform, finding areas of risk.

We will walk you through our vetted process for establishing which type of platform you are considered under the DSA, the main determinant of your risk.

Based on your exposure and areas of risk, we walk through missing features or functionalities you must add to be compliant.

At the end of the call, we will pass you a filled-in checklist for risk exposure and a build vs buy budget that are yours to take away.


Make sure you are ready for Feb 17th! Our expert audit can help.

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DSA Compliance Guidance from the experts

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The Digital Services Act

Emerging alongside various other internet safety regulations, the Digital Services Act (DSA) represents a significant legislative move in the European Union, aiming to increase the responsibility of digital service providers for the content on their platforms.

Major companies in the digital sphere (such as Facebook, Pinterest, and others) have been navigating the requirements of the Digital Services Act for some time, gaining substantial understanding of its implications, obligations, and the necessary steps for adherence.

For any online platform, adherence to the DSA is mandatory by February 17, 2024.


Want to learn more? Get the 
DSA Readiness

The Digital Services Act is here. You've got dozens of articles to go through, but no time to translate them into actual tasks?


We’ve compiled an easy-to-navigate checklist to equip Trust & Safety and Compliance teams before the DSA comes into full effect. 

Find out how you can get DSA Compliant, step by step.

Get a copy for Google Sheets!

Filter, add team members and deadlines, edit, and make it your own! 

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Future-proof your regulatory compliance today

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